White Paper
Competitive Codyfight arena delivers opportunities to play using multiple different strategies depending on circumstances such as the game mode, current rank, possible Special Agents and map tiles sets, as well as the currently popular strategies. These factors dictate the metagame’s variability, making it a tough challenge to predict the best or most optimal strategy.
Codyfight development team takes this into account and will control the metagame by releasing new Special Agents, map tiles, special abilities for players, and so on. These will be the main tools to keep the metagame strategies in balance at all times.
Players will also be able to affect the metagame by choosing strategies according to their preference, for example:
  • Always picking the obvious choice - going to the exit for easy points.
  • Not seeking to win but spending more time playing a single match to increase the chances of encountering the Special Agent Llama for greater rewards.
  • Blocking the opponent from reaching the exit and seeking to cage the Pig.
  • More to come by the time – which is up to players to find out!

The goal

The ultimate goal for any player is to develop a highly adaptive AI robot that can learn new Special Agents and tiles behaviors with minimal developer interference.
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The goal