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Brief description of the gameplay
AI or human-controlled robots navigate over a two-dimensional dynamic-size rectangle tilemap (think of it as a scalable dynamic maze). One match is played in 10 rounds and each round has up to 25 moves for each player.
The player who earns more points throughout the match wins!
Players can earn points by:
  • Taking the exit gate: 5 points (the most obvious strategy).
  • Caging special agent Mr. Ryo: 15 points (advanced strategy). The agent Mr. Ryo is always active – spawns together with player robots.
  • Meeting many other, random conditions can grant you extra points.
Each turn player can perform one action of choice: go right, left, up, down, or stay. Simple controls make the game easy to enter, but they do not make the final movement decision nor strategy any simpler! Here’s why:
  • Your opponent is always unpredictable.
  • This game has a wide variety of special agents that each interacts with one another and the players in different ways. Some special agents can help you, others will hinder you.
  • Map tiles are interactive and can enhance or restrict the game arena.
  • New special agents, map tiles, or even special player abilities will be released continuously.
Already implemented special agents:
  • Mr. Ryo (catch and get points)
  • Mr. Kix (tries to block you from taking the exit)
  • Buzz (collaborative buddy that helps to cage Mr. Ryo)
  • Llama (caging grants great Codyfight Token (CTOK) rewards)
  • The Ripper (chases Mr. Ryo, kills anyone on its way who touches it)
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