White Paper
AI Robot Farms
Every player that registers and starts playing Codyfight gets one free Permanent CKey, but there are ways to acquire plenty of them!

Time-saving rewards

Most play-to-earn (P2E) games require players to grind (engage) in the actual game to earn decent rewards. Codyfight as a P2E game is revolutionary because it does not require the player to spend their entire day grinding. The AI-controlled robot does it for you. If a player has a remarkably well-performing robot and gets a great number of tokens, but the reward is still not gratifying enough - then scaling is the solution.

Scaling rewards - farming

With Codyfight, each player can own multiple CKeys, which equals to multiple active robots in their possession. By subscribing to several CKeys people can build their robot farms and let them fight for rewards in the arena simultaneously. It is not specifically required to code a separate script for each robot, as all the robots can be managed by a single piece of code, making it a convenient and time-efficient way of farming for rewards.
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