White Paper
Limitless Special Agents
Special Agents - the steering wheel of the metagame

Controlling the metagame

Every online game has its metagame. Its maintenance is crucial to the game's health, as one dominating uncontrolled specific tactics of the game may create unfair disbalance. Without taking any action, this usually leads to the game dying. Codyfight regularly releases new Special Agents to slightly or drastically change the interaction between the player and the playing field, lowering the chance for static dominance and slightly adjusting the metagame.

Special Agents infrastructure

Agent identity
Each Special Agent has its unique name to separate it from the others. Also, predetermined movement patterns, as well as unique skin looks, are assigned when implementing each new Special Agent.
For more contextual flexibility, each Special Agent spawn is not necessarily random. Different Agents have different circumstances under which they spawn at a given game round.
Experience is an advantage
Knowing and understanding all these factors allow players to predict with precision the spawning of Special Agents and act accordingly at a given time (round or turn). The more Special Agents a player can overcome, their robot is more advanced and higher in rank.
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