White Paper

CTickets and CKeys

CTickets could be purchased to pay the entry fee for the Arena (mode no. 3)
Additional CKeys (one is free for everyone, obtained upon the registration) could be acquired via subscription service for building several robots and farming greater rewards simultaneously.

Internal NFT Skin shop

Codyfight will sell and release new NFT skins frequently. They will be sold in the internal skin shop. The price of each skin depends on its rarity.
Some new skins will be released as in-game rewards, or during special events (holidays, community events, and so on).

Community NFT Skin shop (artists)

Everyone can contribute to game art, meaning some of the game NFT assets will be created and sold by the community. Codyfight implements the Community Skin shop, where people publish their art, and our Design team decides whether this skin meets our art baseline and can be accepted.

Skin placement in the shop

To avoid mass overflow and inspire the greater value of the accepted community skins, an advanced algorithm decides which skins to put on sale for a limited (or continuous) period of time. The algorithm is based on several things:
  • Skin rarity
  • Skin demand among the community
  • Skin price
  • Special events
Each accepted and listed Skin on the Community NFT Skin shop rewards artists with a passive income - a sales revenue percentage.
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