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Codyfight is a gaming enterprise that strives to create a new paradigm in the industry where different types of players can engage in a game that pursues the conquest of AI as a core trait of its ecosystem. The game offers a brand new world of expression and creativity for different types of players like gamers, developers, artists, collectors, community leaders, and others.
The project is fueled by blockchain technology and aims to create a space with unlimited possibilities of ownership, governance, and competition. Players can up their game utilizing Codyfight's Artificial Intelligence (AI), integrated smoothly throughout the gameplay, and yield rewards with AI bot farms. Through the deployment of intelligent and autonomous Codyfighters, developers can create gaming guilds, rent AI code, or manage other players' robots for a fee.
The following document aims to develop a clear framework for the project, as well as cover all the possibilities that the Codyfight's universe has to offer.
  • Introduction of Codyfight: A brief explanation of the fundamental basis of the project.
  • Gameplay: A comprehensive deep-dive of the guidelines and dynamics of the game.
  • Ecosystem: An analysis of the various parts that connect within the game and the opportunities that arise for players.
  • Metagame: An exploration of the different aspects that intertwine during the gameplay and the endless options during the competition.
  • Tokeonomics: Economics of the game and functionality of its tokens.
  • Technical summary: Summary of the mechanics and development behind Codyfight.
  • Roadmap: A perspective and expectations of the project over time
  • Final Words: A closure of the project and highlights of the relevant topics covered.
  • Wiki: Brief explanation of some of the most used terminology in Codyfight.