White Paper
Robot Forge
A workshop where new robots are crafted and old ones repaired or upgraded.

Forging a new robot

Combining any intact NFT Skin with a CKey using the Robot Forge results in a new active (ready to play) robot. The action of robot forging might involve gas fees.

Upgrading an existing robot

Using Robot Forge players can change the appearance of an existing robot by attaching another NFT Skin. Removing and attaching any of the owned CKeys is also possible, as is the changing of your robot’s name.

Repairing a demolished robot

There are circumstances in which a robot could be demolished and therefore not allowed to participate in any further matches. Using the Robot Forge, players can repair damaged robots and bring them back to the competition. The NFT Skin repair is accomplished by paying the Skin's repair fee. For the player's convenience, every robot can also be auto-repaired, saving time, and preventing any human interference with the AI bot.
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