White Paper
The Codyfight game maintenance and development is largely based on the community voice and metaverse direction, so features may come and go frequently. New features may include new skins, Special Agents, map tiles and configurations, player abilities, and so on. The already implemented flexible game architecture will make this possible.

Q4 2021

  • IDO: Codyfight Token launch
  • Community building
  • Setting up smart contracts interaction
  • Exclusive demo access for testers, advisors

Q1 2022

  • MVP launch: Alpha version release
  • Early access for a limited number of players
  • Pe-orders of NFT skins
  • Gathering feedback, fixing bugs, fine-tuning the metagame

Q2 2022

  • Wallet launch for cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • Making Skin NFTs on Polygon
  • Building in-game tokenomics on Polygon
  • Enhancing game graphics

Q3 2022

  • Public launch: Beta version release
    • Players start earning!
  • Community skin shop and marketplace
  • Additional CKey subscription service

Q4 2022

  • Community tournaments
  • Preparing for the first AI vs. human world cup!
  • New game modes
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