White Paper
CTOK Utilities
CTOK is mainly an in-game currency and it can be utilized in a tremendous amount of ways

Internal game currency

CTOK serves the purpose of keeping the economy of the game alive. Using this token you can purchase CTickets, NFT skins, multiple Robot subscriptions (CKeys), repair skins, rename your robots, and much more. CTickets give an entrance to competitive arena games while NFT skins make the Codyfighter look unique and stylish.

Early access rewards

As Codyfight's early adopters, players will receive a unique and limited edition NFT skin. Its value is projected to grow over time due to a limited amount and as the game becomes increasingly more popular.

Rewards for players and artists

Playing Codyfight in the competitive arena may eventually result in earning money. CTOK comes in handy for rewarding the game-winner by transferring it to the player's wallet of choice with a minimal transaction fee.
All the game modes include Special Agents. One of them is the Legendary Llama, the catching (caging) of which is rewarded with a random amount of CTOK currency, as determined by an advanced algorithm. It means that you do not have to be the best player to earn crypto tokens.
As far as artists are concerned, the community is more than welcome to contribute to the game by drawing and submitting Robot skins to the Community NFT Skin shop. This opens the possibilities for artists to benefit from Codyfight even without playing the game, generating passive income.

Token staking

People will be able to stake CTOK to provide liquidity and earn rewards for it.


Each Codyfight community member will be able to contribute to the game's growth direction by voting for or against upcoming gameplay features. Those who hold more tokens might have a greater impact on voting.
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