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Fees and Rewards
Daily tickets, CTickets, rewards
One of Codyfight's core user experience philosophies is to provide the community with diverse ways to easily and instantly earn Codyfight Tokens (CTOK). All the player earnings are paid out in CTOK only.
Opportunities to earn CTOK include:
  • Competing in arena games
  • Trading NFT skins
  • Participating in championships
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Hosting community tournaments
  • Collecting uncommon rewards
  • Referral programs
  • Creating in-game art
  • Bug reporting

Competitive Arena and Championships

Codyfight's super-dynamic ranking system determines a player's winning rewards based on which rank the Robot has reached. Reward in this game mode could vary up to x1.9 prize pool multiplier based on the rank. As the game progresses and gathers massive popularity, players will be able to compete in World Championships and earn significant rewards.

Arena rewards

Players are awarded according to a dynamic rewards system based on their Robots’ rank (see Competition). Each rank has its CTicket price multiplier as a reward:
reward=pricemultiplierreward = price ∗ multiplier
Robot rank
Based on the robot's uptime (matches played a day) and rank, mediocre players' with 60% win-rate earnings per month may vary approximately from 150 to 1500+ USD worth of Codyfight Token (CTOK) with one single robot.


Codyfight as an organization will profit from the Arena games as well. The goal is to distribute these funds as community-friendly as possible. There are several earning mechanisms implemented and many more to come. One of them is the Championships. Here the best robots in their skill group (rank) fight each other for greater rewards in a form of a special recurring event.

Special Agent Legendary Llama

Caging special agent Legendary Llama in any game mode grants a larger amount of CTOK than winning a game. The reward is determined by an algorithm based on the overall amount of games played in the competitive arena(s).

Community NFT Skin shop

Each artist will have the opportunity to upload their unique skins. They will be featured in Codyfight Community Skin Shop for a limited amount of time occasionally based on the popularity algorithm (has to be approved by the moderators). Each skin sold on the market will bring profit to the artist. The earned amount may vary depending on the submitted skin's popularity.

Community Tournaments

For hosting custom community-balanced tournaments and predefining players entry fee, prize pool, and commission from the prize pool itself.
Competing in these tournaments as a player may result in the possibility to win the host's determined prize pool.
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